Blood Bank

Basic health is the right of every individual. Blood Bank is an essential component of BIOCARE LABS and is manned by a team of experienced and fully trained medical technologists who work under the supervision of hematologists to provide quality service round the clock. Since no professional donors are accepted the blood bank depends on exchange donations from healthy relatives and friends of patients.

At BIOCARE LABS we handle collection and storage of blood, preparation of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) and Platelets Concentrates as per international standards. Grouping by forward & reverse methods, Full Cross match on Gel technology by BIO-RAD and screening for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C & HIV/AIDS is done on state of the art fully automated Immuno-assay analyzer, Elecsys E411 by Roche Diagnostics.

BIOCARE LABS (BCL) is providing quality Blood Bank services at Ali Medical Center, Islamabad. Our Blood Bank services are licensed by Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority (IBTA).

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